At the age of 5 I left France to go and live in Africa with my parents. I spent my youth in a missionary school, in the jungle, in a wood factory and in coffee and banana plantations. When I was 13 I then came back to France to the college where I  graduated.

In 1972 after 6 years in the French Navy and 3 years with Comex Marseille, the world leading diving company at the time I was sent to Scotland as probably the first French diver in the North Sea.

Before joining Comex as a professional diver in 1967 I did all my diving training in the Navy and other courses such as welding, and underwater burning. In 1971 I gained a welding Licence at
Institut de soudure in Paris and became the first trained Hyperbaric welder diver and was involved in welding pipes up to 36/42“ diameter on the Shell Brent field.

Of course times and technology have changed and now pipes are replaced by using umbilicals - flexible with quick connectors.
Although my initial contract in Scotland was for 10 months in 1972 working on Total platforms, I still spend my time between Scotland and France.

I also did some very extensive air and mix gas diving in Africa, Arabian gulf and Labrador.

Below is a recap of my career as a diver worldwide, Superintendent on board rigs and diving and construction vessels, Project manager on major projects in the North Sea and worldwide.
I carried out the 1st saturation dive (1973) in the North Sea for Total on their drilling rig Ocean Traveller, Zapata Ugland, Pentagone 81 and 84, conducted Hyperbaric welding project from a semi-sub Uncle John, started a new subsidiary company ‘
Gotech’ on behalf of Comex Houlder diving in Aberdeen which 5 years later had 200 personnel on board.

Gotech did a few worldwide first time operations which resulted winning the
Scottish Offshore achievement award in 1990.    

The company was taken over by a major group and as a result I left the company and I bought a glorified B&B in Royal Deeside and changed it to a well recognised tourist board 4 star Country house hotel which was sold 12 years later as a renowned hotel with several accolades for food and an excellent cellar with vintage wines.  At the same time I continued as a consultant in the Oil & Gas industry, spending most of my time as Bus Development and involved in operations worldwide and have continued doing this for the last few years.

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